We place a major emphasis on the individual, recognizing that all children are different, and we value each and every one in their own right. Each child has his or her own talents and abilities, and we aim to encourage each one to develop their own special strengths and to grow in confidence and self-esteem.


“My children can’t wait to come to school in the morning! They love their lessons and talk enthusiastically about what they have learnt during the day”

Year 4 Parent

In the Lower School, we provide the highest standards of education meeting the needs of each and every child. We have high aspirations for all of our pupils; most of whom work beyond age related expectations and thrive on the breadth we offer across the curriculum.
Our excellent Lower School staff are supported by a team of specialist teachers who deliver physical education, Islamic education


The Lower School covers the age range from 4 to 10 years. The early curriculum emphasizes the acquisition of basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics, enabling other subjects and topics to be introduced as mastery of these skills develops.
Our facilities, broad curriculum and rich diet of extracurricular opportunities ensure that our pupils are readily engaged and enthused, developing quickly their self-confidence and ability to work with others.

As the children progress, our aim is to develop greater independence and self-confidence. All pupils are taught the core subjects of Math’s, English and science.
Each class tutor is responsible for the pastoral care of children in their class. There is a keen emphasis on developing children as responsible and caring citizens through subjects.
These are truly happy times, when children begin to establish life-long friendships and to develop skills which will form the basis of a lifetime of learning.


Our aim within the Middle School is to provide the very best of specialist education across a broad and varied curriculum. Each day is busy, engaging and challenging and we encourage our pupils to put in as much as possible in order to gain the most from their school lives.
Our specialist teachers and enriched curriculum inspire our pupils to embrace challenge at every opportunity.
Within small classes and tutor groups we quickly get to know pupils as individuals, supporting their academic progress and personal development through high quality teaching and excellent pastoral care.
Good attitudes towards work and behavior are rewarded through certificates and house points which recognize both performance and the effort made by individual pupils. It is not all about academia however. Students also enjoy many educational trips and visits, focusing on everything from developing language skills.


With a strong academic ethos, rich curriculum, and excellent pastoral care, the Upper School provides a wonderful learning environment for all its senior pupils. Opportunities within and outside the curriculum are rich and varied and the expectation is that pupils will make full use of all that the school has to offer.
We encourage our pupils to set themselves the highest standards, think dynamically, work collaboratively and develop leadership skills which will prepare them for a future which promises considerable change.

Through effective assessment and monitoring, we are able to develop an accurate picture of each pupil’s needs. We work closely with all parents to ensure outstanding pastoral and academic support that addresses the needs of each individual child. We embrace our role of preparing pupils for the challenges of the future and we strive to provide an education where personal development is prioritized alongside academic success. We prepare pupils to be part of a wider community through a carefully organized programme, co-curricular events and voluntary work.